HYBRID 375 black
Ceramic panel

Panel 375 – belongs to the modular HYBRID heating systems. Depending of the sizes of your room you can set up a strip at the rate of 1 panel to 5-7m2 of the area. Using the necessary quantity of ceramic panels you will be able to warm rooms of any sizes. Panels are also used for additional heating. The most popular combination is horizontal placement (in pairs), at vertical placement it brings more decorative meaning.

Operating principle

The HYBRID panel has a hybrid way of transferring heat uniting in itself two principles of heating - an infrared and thermal-convection current. Thanks to such an approach it's possible to reach the maximum effect of a heat interchange by proportion of the size and power.

The warmed ceramic panel up to the temperature of 65-70° With is the effective thermal source working in an infrared range in the long-wave range of 7-14 microns. The convection heat flux is formed between a wall (on which the panel hangs) and the panel which back is warmed up to 80-85 °C. High level of thermal efficiency several times cuts down expenses on heating in comparison with traditional types of heating.

When heating the room with panels of low power, you have an opportunity to distribute the heat sources so that to avoid emergence of excessively cold or hot zones.


375 W
600 х 600 х 12 mm