ONYX 3M ivory

The 3M model has a high-power output that allows it to be used as a heating source for your bathroom, as well.

Operating principle

ONYX is a completely new product in the segment of electric towel dryers manufactured by HYBRO. Except being a unique design element of interior, it has two main functions.

The first is drying of towels and other textile products. Strong ONYX mounts provide reliability; they can withstand a few wet and heavy towels.

The second function is heating. The towel dryer serves as a valuable source of heat for the bathroom. It heats up to 60 degrees and works in the long-wave range of 7-14 microns. The even heating of the ONYX surface provides infrared heat flow, which in combination with convection serves as an efficient heat source.


370 W
1200 х 470 х 9 mm