Our mission: To create innovative climate equipment with perfect design and unique functionality, setting trends in the market.

HYBRO Technologies was founded in 2010. Our first development was the HYBRID ceramic heating panel. At the beginning of 2011, it was patents for utility model No. 57399 and industrial design No. 22536 “Ceramic electric heating panel”. In the same year, the HYBRID trademark was registered and a new product was introduced to the market - the HYBRID Electric Heating System.

The patents for utility model No. 146821 and industrial design No. 43442 “Towel dryer”, were received in 2021. The “ONYX” trade mark was registered in the beginning of 2022 and two new products “ONYX infrared towel dryer with a heater function” and “ONYX kitchen” entered the market.

Modern standards ISO 9001: 2015, which have been introduced into production, ensure high quality of finished products and complete absence of complaints.

We were the first to use ceramics as a material for generating infrared waves

Due to this solution, the system has an infrared wavelength spectrum of 7-14 microns. In addition, ceramics is the best option in terms of heat accumulating properties. That is why, the system works less time.

In 2012 the company entered the EU markets.

European consumers were attracted by the energy-efficiency of the electric heating system, the high-quality assembly, as well as the attractive design. In 2015, we started exporting the system to 14 countries of the European Union, including the UK.

The main customers of HYBRO Technologies are construction companies.

In a result of cooperation with them, we managed to implement large projects in the EU countries, such as office buildings, cottages, hotels. At the moment, more than 500,000 m2 are heated with our heating system. The area of the largest project that we have implemented is 7200 m2.

HYBRO Technologies never stops developing new energy saving products.

We believe that using renewable energy in heating instead of fossil fuels is the future of energy consumption.

Our team
Illia Lapyshev
Vladyslav Sushko
Chief Executive Officer
Oleksii Tsiukh
Chief Visionary Officer
Tеtiana Kyslenko
Chief Financial Officer
Olena Matiushchenko
Chief Accounting Officer
Oleksii Ivanets
Business Development Manager
Oleksandr Konovchenko
Chief Information Officer
Yana Patsora
Business Development Manager
Karim Nasif
Sales manager
Artur Seidov
Sales manager