ONYX kitchen towel dryer in the modern kitchen

ONYX kitchen towel dryer in the modern kitchen

Hybro 17/03/2023
Hybro 6

This case is related to the fact that our client wanted to create a special interior of his kitchen, in which bright accents would be combined with minimalism.
According to the basic concept, the kitchen design was to consist of a monolithic furniture set with straight lines and a glossy surface. The use of color contrasts and different materials was agreed, and the minimal design had to be combined with functional appliances.

When the kitchen design was at the final stage, the client lacked a highlight that would not overload the space, but on the contrary, create a feeling of comfort. Since ONYX kitchen towel dryer is an exclusive in the market of kitchen devices, the decision was made to install this glass towel dryer. It has become not only a bright accent of the interior, but also a functional device necessary for the kitchen.
The ultra-thin design, monolithic, white color and glass surface of the towel dryer fit perfectly into the overall idea.

In addition, in the project, the entire kitchen set assumed the absence of any handles on the cabinets, which would force the hostess to create ideas where to hang wet towels. It certainly wouldn't add to the aesthetics. Thanks to the ONYX kitchen towel dryer, all towels are delicately dried in one place.
After the project was fully completed, the client remained satisfied, because the desired conciseness, uniqueness and functionality of the interior were realized, and additional comfort and convenience were created by ONYX kitchen towel dryer.

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