Milano Incontra Business about the HYBRO Technologies

Milano Incontra Business about the HYBRO Technologies

Hybro 01/04/2023
Hybro 132

Recently, the Italian magazine Milano Incontra Business prepared an article about our company, which is a leader in the production of energy-efficient technologies with unique functionality and unsurpassed design for the heating and sanitaryware markets.

The article goes about the HYBRO's success, which began in 2010 with the introduction of the first HYBRID ceramic heating panel to the market. This is the first company’s patented development that has changed the idea of organizing a residential heating system. HYBRID heating system combines two heating principles: infrared heating and convection heat flow, and characterized by economy, efficiency and durability. This is a fundamentally new solution to those problems that cannot be solved by other types of heating systems. HYBRID has an ultra-thin and minimalist design, a high degree of protection, and the ability to control the temperature in each room separately. Unsurpassed quality ensures a long service life, more than 30 years.

The first product became a real breakthrough, creating at the same time a whole niche of ceramic heating panels in the heating market.

The second product developed by HYBRO and introduced to the heating and sanitaryware market was the ONYX glass towel dryer. The exclusivity of ONYX, which cannot be matched by any other towel warmer in the world, is the patented way of attaching rails that go through the glass surface. Even under such conditions, the railings are not in contact with the heating surface and always remain at room temperature, which contributes to the delicate drying of things. ONYX has three power modes for heating, as well as an off- timer and touch control.

This product has become a new standard that has changed the perception of comfort in the bathroom. A designer towel warmer and a complete bathroom heater in one product.

The uniqueness of the towel dryer and the customer's interest prompted HYBRO to produce an absolutely exclusive product to the market - the ONYX kitchen glass towel dryer.

Milano Incontra Business also notes that the HYBRO team didn't stop at what it has achieved and in 2022 presented a prototype of its new product at one of the most outstanding design competitions in the world. The world's first all-purpose ceramic heater EGG became a Red Dot Award 2022 winner in the Design Concept category.

In 2023, the company continues to win the sympathy of its consumers in the Central and Southern Europe markets, paying special attention to Italy, which is the leader in manufacturing the products with an unsurpassed design. The goal of HYBRO is to present functional products with a perfect and exclusive design to the Italian market, while remaining accessible to the majority of consumers. This will allow the Italian client to make sure of the comfort, quality and functionality of technologies that are already becoming a trend in the EU markets.

The HYBRO company has already decided on an exclusive representative of its products and its brand in Italy. The Edil Energie company has become this partner.

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