HYBRID in DOMINO container houses

HYBRID in DOMINO container houses

Hybro 30/03/2023
Hybro 29

A container house is a type of house that is built using shipping containers as the main material. These containers were generally originally designed to transport cargo by ship, trains, and trucks. Currently, container houses can be of various sizes and designs. They can be autonomous, using solar panels and other renewable energy sources, or connected to traditional utilities.

When considering the type of heating for such houses, owners should focus on efficiency, ease of installation, small size of the system, as well as the need for further maintenance.
Having such conditions, HYBRID ceramic heating panels are an excellent option for heating a container house.

HYBRID panels work by combining convection and infrared radiation. This type of heating is highly efficient because it directly heats the objects in the room, rather than just the air, which is typical of convectors.

Another advantage of HYBRID for modular or container houses is that they can be easily installed on walls without taking up any valuable space. They are ultra-thin and elegant, so they emphasize the design and aesthetics of the living space, even the smallest in terms of area.

For example, only 2 white HYBRID panels were needed for a modern DOMINO container house with an area of 25.7 m2. The panels were compactly placed in two rooms, which made it possible not only to effectively heat the premises, but also to save space.

HYBRID panels do not require maintenance, at the same time, their warranty period is 5 years, and their service life is more than 30 years. Unlike traditional heating systems that require regular maintenance and cleaning, heating panels are fully monolithic, so they are maintenance-free. This can save significant time and money in the long run.

Overall, HYBRID panels are an excellent option for heating a container house due to their efficiency, ease of installation, lack of maintenance and minimalist design that fits perfectly into a modern interior

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