The hybrid system

Save on heating to 30%

The revolution in electric heating

We made a revolution in the field of electric heating, creating a product that will allow you to take a fresh look at the organization of space heating. Ceramic panel HYBRID features high economy, efficiency, durability and stylish design. This is a fundamentally new solution to all the problems that other types of heating devices can not handle.



2-3 times more economic in use than any other heating system


It has the highest level of security among electric heaters


To control the temperature in each room has never been so easy

Why HYBRID is more economic?

Compare energy consumption by different instruments
(kW per day under the same conditions)

120 kW
90 kW
80 kW
45 kW
Порівняння вживання електроенергії різними пристроями
  • Electric Heater

  • Warm floor

  • Radiant heater (convector)


A simple example

>For heating area of 100 m² using electric boilers, convectors (radiant heater) or floor heating 80 to 120 kW per day will be used. To warm this area with system HYBRID, you may install 15 panels with a capacity of 5,625 kW. After the system warms up the room, it turns off and will only operate to maintain a predetermined temperature.

Hybrid Systems for premises of 100 m²



Needed to heat this area


Hours per day

It will operate the system, taking into account compensation of the heat loss


KW per day

The electricity consumption of heating and maintaining the temperature

Economical HYBRID system for your home

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Adds individuality to any interior

The front part of the product may have a unique design – we can put on it any image of your choice.

Beware of Falsifications

Buy Hybrid heating system only from authorized dealers. Hybrid technologies – it is the only manufacturer with patented technology. The warranty is valid only if the original product was purchased.

How does the heating system HYBRID work?

HYBRID technology combines two types of heating – infrared and convection.
This approach provides ideal conditions and rapid heating of the air in the room.
HYBRID Technology – is one of our cutting-edge developments in the field of alternative
heating systems, which will allow you to increase comfort and save on heating all residential
and commercial properties.